Auf der Grünen Wiese e.V.

HTTP 1.1 Error 451:
"Unavailable For Legal Reasons"

     We humbly apologize. This status code indicates that the server is subject to legal restrictions which prevent it from servicing your request. Interception and interpretation is being performed automatically by error-handling algorithms established by    Auf der Grünen Wiese e.V..

For further information on this code, see its specific RFC draft 415. This draft was submitted in full conformance with the provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.
Status code 451 is not a work item of the IETF HTTPbis Working Group. Further details of its process of publication can be found in RTC 4846.

According to RFC 415.3:

    Our website had to be closed down, since our last board of directors forbade its continuation by means of announcing a new check (Rev. 2.0) of an already existing agenda, which denied not only singular aspects in syntax, semantic reasoning and, over all, pragmatism.

    The urge of making the new agenda (Rev. 2.0) compatible with our already existing website had been obvious. However, all striving attempts by our web administration of approaching direct or indirect contact with the former board of directors in this very matter had been ignored.

    Currently, the following second level domains are directly affected:

    Other than that (and being possibly issued in direct or indirect course), second level domains and/or sublevel domains not mentioned in this XHTML 1.0 document may be affected as well.

In this very matter, the terms "SHOULD" and "RECOMMENDED" stated in RFC 415.3 are being interpreted in keeping with RFC 2119. The use of the 451 status code implies neither the existence nor non-existence of the resource named in your request.
That is to say, it is possible that if the legal restrictions were removed, your request for the resource might still not succeed.

      Auf der Grünen Wiese e.V.

                 Web Administration
                 February 2013, edited in March 2013